Everything that we publish comes from the need to experiment with the sound.

Featured Artists


This is the last and more ambitious AV project by Ivan Re(creator of Concrete Cosmos).
As visual artist he combines various technique of film shooting and live editing, this clips are often filmed with old cameras to obtain a photography that was proper in the end of millennium.
Dissonances and synchronicity with the visual side of the project are often alterned in his sound structure. Inspired by various music and sound techniques he travel between rhythmic and soundscapes during live performances.

Kosmos Konkrete

Kosmos Konkrete is the live electronic concept behind ConcreteCosmos , his main purpose is to show original studio compositions in a new//improvised way. It has no fixed members or genres restriction at all. Actually it appeared only in five occasions :
April 2013 at Gelegenheiten, Berlin (anniversary of Chernobyl disaster)
10 june 2013 at Experimontag, Berlin
Camp Tipsy 2013(inside Fraction Bruit stage)
10 august 2013 Opening fest of Heiz Haus Berlin
04 august 2014 Experimontag, Madame Claude


EriNav had produced mostly ambient oriented works in 2012. These are shared exclusively on the web and can be downloadable for free.



As VJ and visual artist he had participated to many festival and free cultural events in his native land, Sicily, in Italy like CampArt festival and LPM12.

Cell Infadel


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