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Next Concrete Cosmos happenings.

Next dates in end october/beginning of november:

24.10.14>>>> Hmtl://S live visuals Urban Spree, Revalerstr, Berlin
Supporting Yuro Chain & The Striders into a night organized by Unknown Pleasure factory featuring live sets from Schonwald and Suzies Ashes.
Later on DJs Calvin Wetland and Kiss me deadly!
This new live visuals project combines abstract sequences, urban landscape clips with cult movies from Shinya Tsukamoto, Richard Kern, Tarkovskij(to name a few!).


01.11.14>>>> Concrete Cosmos live at MKKAKK-ARMENBAU, Gerichtstr. 12, Berlin
Inside the soliparty for MonumentalKunst Kollektiv which is organizing so fantastic activities of independent art.
This night wil be the first of a series of five mini festivals inside their temporary space in Wedding.
The collective is actually doing rehearsal for a musical, they make voku and involve people of all nationalities on their project:
” We, the MonumentalKunst Kollektiv. We make subculture with high amateurish claim, we are party people, hippies, punks, all-round artist. The monumental art collective anarchist cabaret dedicated to the work of the preservation of public space and the struggle for open spaces. As an artistic collective, it combines the fields of art “visual arts, theater, dance, music and new media”, all works are in the broadest sense political content. The character is subkulturellel, anarchist, independently and thus uncommercial. For us, an emancipation process of the fear in the foreground that sees itself in the tradition of the culture of resistance. We exist since May-2013.”(from MonumentalKunstKollektiv blog)

Everyone is invited to be part of it! For more information just visit their blog here:


November>>>>Concrete Cosmos film sessions>>>>> Around Berlin<<<<<
The next month will see me(Ivan) and other people starting the film project Nullreich:
for this period we are looking for people who has fun into be an actor and explore Berlin unusual spaces!
Our project is 100% no profit and want to be an abstract point of view of our distorted/dystopian times.

Concrete Cosmos live at Ma Thilda! 14.10.14

Ma Thilda 14.10.14
Mytrip (dark ambient / drone)

Mytrip is a dark ambient / drone entity, ran by Angel Simitchiev, a 26 year old musician, composer and Sound Art lecturer from Bulgaria. On this gig Mytrip will be performing TUNNEL – an audio-visual exploration of descent. Achieved through gradual layering of tectonic low frequencies and introvert drones, which co-exist with a minimalist video environment, depicting a slow and monotonous walk in organic or man-made tunnels, captured by photographer Georgе Chelebiev.

Concrete Cosmos (abstract ambient)

R ND M works on noise, field recording and electronic music. This is the more experimental project of Ivan Re, also music producer and video artist.

Cell Infadel is an experimental sound artist working primarily on sound synthesis with both modular and software manipulation. His early albums feature dark ambient atmospheres and a wide usage of field recordings. Actually his activity is mostly oriented on live sessions of drone & noise music while his new project Aekre is oriented towards industrial & rhythmic noise.


Both artists live and work in Berlin and are frequently playing or showing their works in galleries, clubs and festivals. They also organise Random – a night for experimental music and visual art.

START 21.00

Ma Thilda is in Wildenbruchstr.68, Berlin Neukölln

Some news..

__Aekre had been playing into Noiseangriff 55. His set is available here:

This is the first attempt for him to play with vinyl. This set present various influences of fieldrecording, drone, ambient.

__On october 14 Ivan Re and Aekre are going to collaborate and play as Concrete Cosmos here:


__Soon other live concert are TBA. Actually Ivan Re is working on a studio recording album which involves works on IDM/broken rhythms. A first impression of this tunes could be previewed at Noiseangriff in december.

__Hmtl://S is working on the screenplay for his first featured film. The first filming session could happens in october/november 2014.

Be in touch here or on concretecosmos.tk to know more about all what concerns Concrete Cosmos.

Concrete Cosmos at Camp Tipsy14!

Sympan Skyrodema, Aekre, Black Hands and Yuro Chain will be part of the Fraction bruit stage inside KulturcampTipsy!

This is the second participation of Concrete Cosmos inside this no profit DIY festival which will have lots of different activities inside.

Links to the festival here!



Concrete Cosmos and Cagliostro presents the anticipation of the upcoming 1day festival “Hermetic Chamber”.


>During the night Cell Infadel shows his new project for industrial/noise meant to divulgate works from almost unknown artists of the underground sound art.

>The duo GDM+HMTL//:S perform into a live session their installation which will be exposed in Subland during “Hermetic Chamber”
The performance uses medium involved into the creation of this installation including audio/video frequencies from the almost dead UHF/VHF channels.

>C-Drik aka Kirdec plays tunes from his discoveries in the last tour which has seen him travelling through Asia in 2014.
Later on the artist´s lecture focusses on subcultures exposing problems, challenges and even surprising trends in countries like Lebanon, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Laos, Macao, China, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Turkey.

Other participation are to be announced!


The night start at 19.00 straight..
Due to problem with neighbours we have to stop loud music at 22.00 hrs..

During the night participant can have the chance to get a reduced ticket of 7 euro for the event “Hermetic Chamber” programmed in the following day:


Cagliostro is in Lenbachstr. 10, directly out from the S Bahn Ostkreuz.

Sympan Skyrodema and Cell Infadel LIVE 08.08.14


During the finissage of the exhibition “Igor Skaletski , Noe Sendas” organized by null!null!null! and Kaleidoskop the two artists Cell Infadel and Sympan Skyrodema will create a live performed soundtrack on the episode “Prelude” inside the series “Dog Star Man” of the experimental film maker Stan Brakhage.

Sympan Skyrodema works on noise, poetry, field recording. This is the more experimental project of Ivan Re, also music producer and video artist. On this live soundtrack will build structures of field recorded sound edited in both studied and casual ways. The attempt is to follow the techniques which Stan Brakhage adopted for his astonishing works and transpose them on sound.

Cell Infadel
is an experimental sound artist which works primarily on the synthesis of sound with both modular and software manipulation. His early albums arise dark ambient atmospheres and a wide technique in the use of field recording as well. Actually his activity is mostly oriented on live session of drone, noise music while starting a new project for industrial, rhythmic noise music with the name Aekre.

Both the artist live and work in Berlin frequently playing or showing their works in galleries, clubs and festivals. They organise the event Random too, a night for experimental music and visual art.

Exhibition Infos
Sympan Skyrodema
Cell Infadel
Stan Brakhage`s Dog Star Man

Random12//Cycles update!

The program for the next Random will be changed radically!

We cannot host the act from Feine Pinkels bei Trinkers Daheim and the location is still up to date..
The upcoming event will be ideally conceived on the street or in some improvised live act..

Stay tuned for more infos..

Random12//Cycles 25.07.14

-Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels Daheim live set

We will be happy to host the performance from Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels Daheim, project from the Bremer musician Jürgen Eberhard(former member of Troum among others). Stay tuned for location news and more artists TBA!



Random11//Geometrico at 48Stunden Neukölln!

Random11//Geometrico will be part of the exhibition inside 48hrs NK from Wilfried Paysse with an extemporaneous live stage on friday 27.06.14!! Don´t miss it from 19.00 until 22.00..

Then our event goes on Saturday at T Berlin!

The exhibition program is here on the facebook event.


Random11//Geometrico 27/28.06.14

random 11

-Improvised street art action by Concrete Cosmos and collaborators
– Shö Garden live set
– R ND M + GDM “Dalla Sezione del Tempio” AV performance
– Cell Infadel DJ set
– “Holy Geometry” exhibition by Äiv Sil

We will start this two days program with an improvised event around Neukölln during the 48 hours. Nothing organized, pure improvisation, everybody welcomed!

shö garden

Then the program is completed with the event hosted by T Berlin.
Shö Garden and Holy Geometry are two projects born from the same mind, the spanish artist Äiv Sil.
Shö Garden is a minimalist structure of electronic sounds and repeated voices forming evocative mantra expressing a quiet melancoly and dark attitude typical of post-rock music.
The same artist works with visual art.
The project “Holy Geometry” has common points with her music.
Here defined shapes bring to life weird and imaginary creatures, beings. Any of them can tell a story or a state of mind.
Äiv Sil created a unique style of drawing and painting which reinvented the classical Black and White.
Random11 exhibits the new series of drawing created by Äiv Sil giving the exact atmosphere during her live set.

Shö Garden
Holy Geometry

holy geometry


“Dalla Sezione del Tempio” is a multimedia performance of the duo R ND M + GDM.
They both mix live painting, electroacoustic and live electronic music attempting to dialogue via these media.
GDM draws and paints his shape on a surface linked to microphones. The sounds are mixed and edited by R ND M.
The performance outputs their own instinctive approach to their media without any preconceived purpose.
The two artists shows “Dalla Sezione del Tempio” for the second time after Random01. They collaborate since summer 2013 with exhibitions and performances around Berlin.

GDM is Giacomo Dellamaria.
Drawing, sculptures and paintings are his main fields of work showed in Bologna and Berlin on gallery or street art actions.

R ND M is Ivan Re.
Musician, video artist, producer of music releases(Concrete Cosmos editions) and event organizer.
He is the main creator of the Random series. His attempt is to extrapolate his undiscoled experience, hidden states communicating by music and video art.

Giacomo Dellamaria
R ND M´s music

Random08 is hosted and supported by T Berlin, tea room and exhibition space in Kreuzberg.
The venue offer to public not only a particularly unique atmosphere, it has also a selected quality of tea from all over the world!


ADDRESS: Fidicinstr.38, Kreuzberg
U6 Platz der Luftbrücke

ENTRY: 3 euro or more at the entrance!
Then you can decide to donate more if you liked our concepts!

Performances start at 10.00 pm, please come at this time!


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